As a church, we’re growing in our understanding of God’s goodness and generosity to us and our response in cheerfully giving back to support what he is doing through the work of the church.

We take an offering every Sunday to give members the opportunity to give as part of their worship. All contributions help the church to meet running costs and to bless others inside and outside the Christian community.

If you are a taxpayer you can complete a form with your financial gift and we can then reclaim a 25% tax refund on your giving.

Online Giving

For easy online giving please use our Association of Jersey Charities page

Payments via bank transfer

Or make a bank transfer directly into our HSBC account which is as follows:

Freedom Church: 40-25-34 52604272
Freedom Centre: 40-25-34 12709112

Payment via Cheque

Send a cheque payable to Freedom Church Jersey Limited to:

Freedom Church
4 Britannia Place
Bath Street
St Helier

How to give to the Freedom Centre Project

One way that you may choose to give to the Freedom Centre is with our 7x7 program, aiming to raise £700,000 over seven years. Please download the 7x7 PDF to see how you can engage in this way.

How to give to Burkina Faso Compassion Project

If you want to engage with our Compassion Project in Burkina Faso and would like to consider sponsoring a child please email Diane Wheeler for more information.