evolve years 6–8

When our kids join Evolve, they are in the process of growing and developing from children into young people.

We want to help them make that transition and make sense of the sometimes seemingly crazy and changing world around them, particularly as they move from primary to secondary school.

We look at the big issues that our young people are facing during these really crucial years and explore what God’s word says, and how we can apply it to our lives today.

This is often a time when young people are also starting to explore the Christian faith for themselves, and they usually have some big questions to ask. We’re excited to take that journey with them!

Our sessions are usually kicked off with some games (sometimes messy!)….we have a penchant for Maoams, and our teaching sessions are always interactive and fun.

Building friendships is also high on our agenda, and we’re passionate about youth having the opportunity to connect and have fun together.

Our Evolve leaders are Jon and Alice Jefferson. They work alongside a great team of volunteers who all love working with young people.