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Momentum Men's Breakfast - "Living above the level of mediocrity" 

Sat 6 April, 2019
Freedom Centre, Bath Street, St Helier

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Living above the level of mediocrity 

Charles Swindoll says:

“We live in a negative, hostile world. Face it my friend, the system that surrounds us focuses on the negatives: what is wrong, not what is right; what is missing, not what is present; what is ugly, not what is beautiful; what is destructive, not what is constructive; what cannot be done, not what can be done; what hurts, not what helps; what we lack, not what we have. The result: fear, resentment, and anger.”


The world needs men.......

Who cannot be bought
Who put character above wealth
Whose word is their bond
Who do not hesitate to take chances
Who will make no compromise with wrong
Who are not ashamed or afraid to stand for truth when its unpopular
Who will step up and and fight for a cause
Who believe that there is nothing ordinary about this extraordinary life we have.

Men of Freedom lets stand together as we encourage, support and inspire each other to be the men that God has enabled, equipped and empowered us to be

Breakfast starts at 8:45am at Freedom Centre, finishing at 11:00. Please sign up on churchsuite and bring £3 for breakfast.


Freedom Centre, Bath Street, St Helier