Twelve Stones

Truth appears to be a disputed possibility in 2021. Scepticism and fake news, conspiracy theories, and self-identification that trumps scientific reality cause confusion and hopelessness in people across the globe. Thank God for His word and the Truth that sets us free.

Twelve Stones is a series based on the command of God to Joshua on the banks of the Jordan to take twelve stones and pile them one on top of another so that when people see the stones, they would remember what the Lord had done there. We need to remember in the context of transition and trial some key truths about the person of God and his calling on us his people.

Over this next series we will look at six characteristics of God, and six things that he says we are. After all, truth is not subjective, not pliable, or malleable. Truth is a person, and his name is Jesus.  Twelve Stones to remember.

God Is Truth Sun 28 February, 2021
Tim Bond
This world can seem like a swirling sea of scepticism and untruth. This week we are launching a series declaring twelve stones of truth about who God is, what he’s done and who we are in him.
God Is Holy Sun 7 March, 2021
Tim Bond
“To even speak about or try to verbalise holiness is impossible. We don’t have the linguistic constructs nor the human imagination to contain the nature or words for Gods mysterious otherness”. So How are we to understand it? What are we to do about it?
God Is Creator Sun 14 March, 2021
Debbie Jones
Exploring what creation teaches us about God the greatest artist and what our place is in the creative story.
God Is Compassionate Sun 21 March, 2021
Phil Le Cheminant
We can feel invisible when we compare our rock bottom to others’ Instagram-filtered edited highlights. What can we learn about God’s heart for the invisible from a 4000-year old story about a female Egyptian slave?
God Is Omnipotent Sun 28 March, 2021
Ian Whillans
God is all-powerful – omnipotent. He created the vastness of the universe with a word. He has all the power to do everything he wills. He showed his willingness, his grace and his mercy in Jesus and his power is at work on our behalf. There’s a day coming when His power will be displayed in all it’s fullness!
God is Love Sun 11 April, 2021
John Stewart-Jones
God Is Grace Sun 25 April, 2021
Nigel Strachan
We Are Children Sun 2 May, 2021
Tim Bond
We Are Forgiven Sun 9 May, 2021
Adam Clarke
We Are Chosen Sun 16 May, 2021
Nigel Strachan
We Are Sent Sun 23 May, 2021
Andrew De Gruchy
We Are Clay Sun 30 May, 2021
Debbie Jones
We Are Holy Sun 6 June, 2021
Tim Bond