The Real Deal

In 1 Thessalonians Paul highlights mega themes that should determine our realities, as followers of Jesus, in the real world and teach us to be the real deal. As we open 1 Thessalonians we will be exploring being carriers of real news.

In The Real World Sun 17 May, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
Have you ever been told to "live in the real world"? This week we introduce 1 Thessalonians, a book in which Paul speaks of the true reality within which the church is called to live and be the real deal, in the real world.
The Real McCoy Sun 24 May, 2020
Tim Bond
This week we get a great insight into the character and nature of the church, the authentic Real McCoy church.
Real News Sun 31 May, 2020
Tim Bond
If the Gospel was a newspaper, we would be paperboys. Discover how the church can be real news carriers!
Real Followers Sun 7 June, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
In 1 Thessalonians 2, Paul gives us some of the ways that we can imitate Christ: boldness, gentleness and blamelessness.
Real Followers part 2 Sun 14 June, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
When you are hurting is tough to trust that God has things in hand and you best at heart. This week the text gives us an understanding and example of how to persevere in suffering.
Real Relationship Sun 21 June, 2020
Jonathan Speck
Paul was busy! Working hard, travelling, teaching and writing. He was often even in prison. But through it all he placed tremendous emphasis on Christian friendship. This week we look at the implications this has for us.
Real Holiness Sun 28 June, 2020
Adam Clarke
When we truly understand the Gospel story, we discover the part we are called to play. Salvation is the starting pistol and not the finish line in the Christian race.
Real Hope Mon 6 July, 2020
Adam Clarke
Our Real Hope is based not on optimism or heartfelt desires, but on the person and character of Christ. Our Living Hope defeated the grave and modelled life after death. So as we await and prepare for His return and the part we will play, let us live lives grounded in Real Hope.
Real Community Sun 12 July, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
The gospel which saves us as believers in Christ is also the gospel that incorporates us into the body of Christ. As he concludes this letter, Paul identifies a way of living that shapes Christian communities – a way to live together as Christians that is healthy, productive, and makes a positive impact on the wider community.
Faith, Hope & Love pt. 1 Sun 19 July, 2020
Tim Bond, John Stewart-Jones
Faith, Hope & Love pt. 2 Sun 26 July, 2020
Tim Bond