Prayer is Air

The disciples asked Jesus, “teach us how to pray.” They needed life-giving air that enables lives filled with faith. We too are learning to breathe.

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Pause Sun 2 February, 2020
Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
A pause in thought allows you moment of quiet, in a world of noise. This series opener is an introduction to the tools at our disposal to create in our lives a moment of pause.
Why Pray? Sun 9 February, 2020
Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
Prayer is not so much a lit candle as the pulse of life. It is the air to our relationship with Jesus. This week we look at how to keep it simple (inhale) keep it real (in the light) and keep it up (staying alive).
Adoration Sun 16 February, 2020
Tim Bond
We were built to worship. Everyone worships something. Adoration for God is in no way a system of buttering up God to respond to our heartfelt cries in prayer. It is in every way the truest perspective of who He is and our place in his presence.
Petition Sun 23 February, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
It is the longing of a loving father for his children to ask for his help. Even the smallest of things is a joy to him. This week we focus on asking.
Intercession Sun 1 March, 2020
Tim Bond
We have spent time on the aspects of the Lord's Prayer that deal with upward (worship) and inward (asking) prayers. This week we turn our focus outward to loving others by praying for them, or on their behalf.
Unanswered Prayer Sun 8 March, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
When God doesn’t seem to answer our prayer or he seems to issue a hard pass to our request we can feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall.
This week we explore how to deal with the downs as well as the ups.
For Such A Time As This Sun 15 March, 2020
Tim Bond
The power of the presence of God to transform each individual on the inside is profound. The Bible teaches us that in times of storm and uncertainty we can find peace in God’s presence. This week we explore how to find God's presence in a place of uncertainty.
Listening Sun 22 March, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy
“If you haven’t heard God for today, that’s another day wasted”. The voice of God into our lives is daily bread for our souls. This week we explore how to listen for his voice.
Spiritual Warfare Sun 29 March, 2020
Tim Bond
We can be tempted to live life fighting battles with what seems urgent and obvious. This week we explore the nature of spiritual warfare... the battle in the unseen. This battle has eternal consequences.
Rejoice Sun 5 April, 2020
Andrew De Gruchy