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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
23/10/2016 Spurring One Another On Spurring One Another On part 1 John Stewart-Jones
16/10/2016 Locker Room Chat Andrew De Gruchy
09/10/2016 God's Promises Never Change Phil Le Cheminant
02/10/2016 Living by Faith in God's Promises John Stewart-Jones
25/09/2016 Make Room For The Master Luke Brendling
18/09/2016 Battles We Face Nigel Strachan
11/09/2016 Compassion Can Change the World of One Child Andrew De Gruchy
04/09/2016 Faith is confidence John Stewart-Jones
21/08/2016 Being confident of God's faithfulness John Stewart-Jones
14/08/2016 We're Not Worthy Phil Le Cheminant
07/08/2016 God's Sat Nav God's Sat Nav part 1 Adam Clarke
31/07/2016 Being confident of this John Stewart-Jones
24/07/2016 Transforming Hope Andrew De Gruchy
17/07/2016 Making Christ known John Stewart-Jones
10/07/2016 To know Christ John Stewart-Jones
03/07/2016 Seeing With Your Heart Mark Iles
26/06/2016 Jesus in the storm Greg Heasley
19/06/2016 Father Nigel Strachan
12/06/2016 Do2B or B2Do Nic Harding
05/06/2016 The Truth Is Attractive Nigel Strachan
29/05/2016 Characteristics of a New Testament Church John Stewart-Jones
22/05/2016 Red Bucket Theology Living Faith Nigel Strachan
15/05/2016 Red Bucket Theology Reaching up and reaching out Sarah Hawthorn­thwaite
John Stewart-Jones
08/05/2016 Red Bucket Theology Freely Receive, Freely Give John Stewart-Jones
01/05/2016 Red Bucket Theology Red Bucket Theology Tim Bond
24/04/2016 Broken Walls, Broken Heart Nigel Strachan
17/04/2016 Prayer Lucy Peppiatt
10/04/2016 Making a Difference in India John Stewart-Jones
Darren Kilford
03/04/2016 You Can Make a Difference John Stewart-Jones
27/03/2016 Love Language Tim Bond
20/03/2016 God's Purpose Angella Opio
13/03/2016 Born to Make a Difference Andrew De Gruchy
06/03/2016 The Great Unknown Tim Bond
28/02/2016 Listening to God as He Stirs Passion in You Nigel Strachan
21/02/2016 Hearing God on Our Journey John Stewart-Jones
14/02/2016 Hearing God on the Journey John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
07/02/2016 Listen Listening to God - part 3 Nigel Strachan
31/01/2016 Listen Listening to God Mark Iles
24/01/2016 Listen Listen: The Good News Tim Bond
17/01/2016 Go Back and Try Again John Rajiah
10/01/2016 Listen to God Nigel Strachan
03/01/2016 God's Not Fair Andrew De Gruchy
27/12/2015 Listen Helen Oliver
20/12/2015 The Big Story Tim Bond
06/12/2015 African Sunday Andrew De Gruchy
29/11/2015 Freedom for life Kevin Houiellebecq
22/11/2015 Follow the shepherd Ian Jones
15/11/2015 [email protected] [email protected] - Friendship John Stewart-Jones
25/10/2015 [email protected] [email protected] Relationships: Marriage John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
18/10/2015 [email protected] [email protected] Relationships: Church Tim Bond