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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
23/02/2020 Prayer is Air Petition Andrew De Gruchy
16/02/2020 Prayer is Air Adoration Tim Bond
09/02/2020 Prayer is Air Why Pray? Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
02/02/2020 Prayer is Air Pause Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
26/01/2020 Vision 2020 Transition Sunday Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
Nic Harding
19/01/2020 Vision 2020 Vision 2020 Week 2 Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
12/01/2020 Vision 2020 Vision 2020 Week 1 Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
05/01/2020 Do You Have 20/20 Vision John Stewart-Jones
29/12/2019 The Great Exchange Let's Talk About Bread Tim Bond
22/12/2019 The Great Exchange The gift for everyone Adam Clarke
15/12/2019 The Great Exchange You Are Special Tim Bond
01/12/2019 The Great Exchange The Great Exchange Tim Bond
24/11/2019 Remember Do This In Remembrance Of Me John Stewart-Jones
17/11/2019 Remember Forgiveness Debbie Jones
10/11/2019 Remember Jesus’ Kind of Love Jonathan Speck
03/11/2019 Choose Joy Andrew De Gruchy
27/10/2019 Everyone is a Miracle John Stewart-Jones
20/10/2019 Ancient Roots Forgiveness (The Big Church Fox Hunt) Tim Bond
13/10/2019 Ancient Roots The Church Revealed John Stewart-Jones
06/10/2019 Ancient Roots A Church of Courage Tim Bond
29/09/2019 Ancient Roots Higher, Wider, Deeper Adam Clarke
22/09/2019 Ancient Roots Holy Tim Bond
15/09/2019 Ancient Roots Extreme Makeover Andrew De Gruchy
08/09/2019 A Game of Two Halves Mark Iles
01/09/2019 Remembering to Rest Kirsty De La Haye
25/08/2019 Death is Defeated Ian Whillans
18/08/2019 The New Command Andrew De Gruchy
11/08/2019 A Life of Encounter John Stewart-Jones
04/08/2019 Exploring Worship The Mechanics of Worship Phil Le Cheminant
28/07/2019 Exploring Worship The Power of Worship Jon Jefferson
21/07/2019 Exploring Worship Experiences in Worship Rachel Clarke
Marie Vibert
Norman Ziruma
Jez Field
Aimee Bond
Merry Bond
14/07/2019 Exploring Worship Reasons to Worship Phil Le Cheminant
07/07/2019 Getting a Good Night's Sleep Adam Clarke
30/06/2019 Dedicated to What? Tim Bond
16/06/2019 Ancient Roots Developing a Hunger and Thirst for the Holy Spirit Ian Whillans
09/06/2019 Ancient Roots Living Life from the Inside Out Debbie Jones
02/06/2019 Ancient Roots I Believe In The Holy Spirit John Stewart-Jones
26/05/2019 Why Pray? John Stewart-Jones
19/05/2019 Growing Culture Andrew De Gruchy
12/05/2019 10th Anniversary Team Talk John Stewart-Jones
05/05/2019 Ancient Roots Jesus As Judge Jonathan Speck
28/04/2019 Ancient Roots He Ascended To Heaven John Stewart-Jones
21/04/2019 Ancient Roots Resurrection - So What? Andrew De Gruchy
19/04/2019 Ancient Roots Suffering Kirsty De La Haye
14/04/2019 Ancient Roots God Becomes Man Adam Clarke
07/04/2019 Ancient Roots Jesus Is Lord Tim Bond
31/03/2019 Ancient Roots Jesus Christ Tim Bond
24/03/2019 My Precious My Precious – week 2 Phil Le Cheminant
17/03/2019 My Precious My Precious – week 1 Tim Bond
10/03/2019 What Is On Your Mind John Rajiah