Nov Update from Tim Bond
22 November 2020

Hello Freedom Church. It is such a privilege to be breathing enough to give an update today!

I don't know how many of you who are watching this know what happened to me—or even who I am. My name's Tim, one of the team at Freedom, but currently I'm off sick having had a VT, a ventricular tachycardia, on 27th August and then following that a month in hospital, several more ventricular tachycardias, two operations, and then obviously being shipped home for rehab and recovery.

It's been an interesting journey, I have to say, with some incredible ups and downs, some very exciting moments, some very frustrating moments. But I want to say most of all, how grateful I am to you, the church, for so many of you who I know have been praying for me. Whilst I was in hospital, one lady sent me a song, a worship song, every single day, to encourage. I had texts and messages. People have sent food parcels – mostly vegetables, because, let's face it, my diet now is entirely monastic! But so many people have prayed for us and loved us in very significant and very touching ways. And that's been important for me and for Merry, 'cause Merry's been very much on this journey with me. It was quite a painful time, that month in hospital, not really knowing which way things were going to go.

But we praise God for what seems like a new beginning. Another relaunch, another reboot, some more rehab to get back on my feet. But, you know what I've really been feeling is, in a place of a sense of isolation, almost, in going through a valley, recognising that I am part of a whole host of people who are sensing or feeling different points of disconnection, and I just want to say how encouraging it's been to me to be part of a small gathering since I got home. We've been on-and-off with that, but when we can get there—Merry drives me there, 'cause I'm not allowed to drive for six months—and then we take part in church online together with other people, and people who we love and care for, and who love and care for us. So it's just a great basis for the community of church to prosper in a time where it's been disbanded. So I just want to encourage you to get planted, to get gathered with those people who you can. We don't need everything provided for us; we are the church, and even in a place of brokenness, that we can step into that and be all that God has called us to be.

So I just finally want to thank Andrew and the team as well for their support and their release. Next week I start rehabilitation physically, which is where they start to try and develop the heart in a safe way, so I'm in a nurturing environment, in a space where I'm monitored and looked after by trained cardiac nurses and physios, and to rehabilitate. To get some fitness and strength back in the body, and I hope to see some of you when I'm riding around like a lunatic on an electric bike, or walking down the beach, or wherever.

God bless you. Thank you so much for your love and prayer. And have a great week. Love you church.