Lockdown Update
7 June 2020

This week we have had some new announcements from our local government stating that churches can open again. We want to briefly respond to that.

We are not going to rush into big gatherings.

For at least the next four weeks, we will continue to run as we have been. Part of the reason for this is not knowing the parameters around larger gatherings. We will keep you updated with developments as and when they happen. We will not rush, but instead, look to be prayerful and conscious of the needs of our community.

We value meeting together.

We value gathered worship, prayer ministry, sharing and breaking bread, reading the word in community, serving one another, teaching and sharing with our children. We have sought to fight for community and provide ways to engage in those things with Freedom Church and we will continue to evolve as things change. We want to be a church that is relevant, real and relational, ready to pursue God with relentless commitment.

We also value unity.

Many people hold passionate views about what they are happy to do in terms of engaging with others through this pandemic. In this church, I want to encourage an overflow of grace to one another. Remember that everyone has a different story and so we mustn’t judge anyone’s approach or be offended when ours is challenged.

Do continue to meet together online. Take opportunities to meet up in small numbers for walks and catch-ups. Let's seek to maintain unity under a banner of grace, even where we may be diverse in our approaches. Together, we continue to fight for community.