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Acts 2:42–47

The early church was thrust into a new world where the power of God was evident in their lives and community. Acts two is the formation of that church, living Spirit-filled lives and gathering in small groups to grow and worship and embody the Gospel. In this short series, we look at how we can learn to be the church in our world and embrace the small communities at this moment of uncertainty.

They Devoted Themselves
Sun 9 August, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 16 August, 2020 Adam Clarke
Breaking of Bread
Sun 23 August, 2020 John Stewart-Jones
The Power of Prayer
Sun 30 August, 2020 Nigel Strachan
The Power of the Gospel
Sun 6 September, 2020 Ian Whillans

The Real Deal

In 1 Thessalonians Paul highlights mega themes that should determine our realities, as followers of Jesus, in the real world and teach us to be the real deal. As we open 1 Thessalonians we will be exploring being carriers of real news.

In The Real World
Sun 17 May, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
The Real McCoy
Sun 24 May, 2020 Tim Bond
Real News
Sun 31 May, 2020 Tim Bond
Real Followers
Sun 7 June, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Real Followers part 2
Sun 14 June, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Real Relationship
Sun 21 June, 2020 Jonathan Speck
Real Holiness
Sun 28 June, 2020 Adam Clarke
Real Hope
Mon 6 July, 2020 Adam Clarke
Real Community
Sun 12 July, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Faith, Hope & Love pt. 1
Sun 19 July, 2020 Tim Bond, John Stewart-Jones
Faith, Hope & Love pt. 2
Sun 26 July, 2020 Tim Bond

Prayer is Air

The disciples asked Jesus, “teach us how to pray.” They needed life-giving air that enables lives filled with faith. We too are learning to breathe.

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Sun 2 February, 2020 Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
Why Pray?
Sun 9 February, 2020 Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 16 February, 2020 Tim Bond
Sun 23 February, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 1 March, 2020 Tim Bond
Unanswered Prayer
Sun 8 March, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
For Such A Time As This
Sun 15 March, 2020 Tim Bond
Sun 22 March, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy
Spiritual Warfare
Sun 29 March, 2020 Tim Bond
Sun 5 April, 2020 Andrew De Gruchy

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 Week 1
Sun 12 January, 2020 Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
Vision 2020 Week 2
Sun 19 January, 2020 Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy
Transition Sunday
Sun 26 January, 2020 Tim Bond, Andrew De Gruchy, John Stewart-Jones, Jenn Stewart-Jones, Nic Harding

The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange
Sun 1 December, 2019 Tim Bond
You Are Special
Sun 15 December, 2019 Tim Bond
The gift for everyone
Sun 22 December, 2019 Adam Clarke
Let's Talk About Bread
Sun 29 December, 2019 Tim Bond


This unique series ties together three moments of remembrance – Remembrance Sunday, God's wilful forgetting of our sins, and Jesus' instruction to us at the table of communion.

Jesus’ Kind of Love
Sun 10 November, 2019 Jonathan Speck
Sun 17 November, 2019 Debbie Jones
Do This In Remembrance Of Me
Sun 24 November, 2019 John Stewart-Jones

Ancient Roots

Digging deep to explore the roots of our faith, exploring truths embedded in history for a transformed life in the future.

A series examining our core beliefs, as expressed in the Apostles' Creed.

I Believe In God
Sun 4 November, 2018 Tim Bond, Jonathan Speck
The Fatherhood of God
Sun 11 November, 2018 John Stewart-Jones
The Creator of Heaven and Earth
Sun 18 November, 2018 Adam Clarke
Almighty Father
Sun 25 November, 2018 Tim Bond, Jonathan Speck
Jesus Christ
Sun 31 March, 2019 Tim Bond
Jesus Is Lord
Sun 7 April, 2019 Tim Bond
God Becomes Man
Sun 14 April, 2019 Adam Clarke
Fri 19 April, 2019 Kirsty De La Haye
Resurrection - So What?
Sun 21 April, 2019 Andrew De Gruchy
He Ascended To Heaven
Sun 28 April, 2019 John Stewart-Jones
Jesus As Judge
Sun 5 May, 2019 Jonathan Speck
I Believe In The Holy Spirit
Sun 2 June, 2019 John Stewart-Jones
Living Life from the Inside Out
Sun 9 June, 2019 Debbie Jones
Developing a Hunger and Thirst for the Holy Spirit
Sun 16 June, 2019 Ian Whillans
Extreme Makeover
Sun 15 September, 2019 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 22 September, 2019 Tim Bond
Higher, Wider, Deeper
Sun 29 September, 2019 Adam Clarke
A Church of Courage
Sun 6 October, 2019 Tim Bond
The Church Revealed
Sun 13 October, 2019 John Stewart-Jones
Forgiveness (The Big Church Fox Hunt)
Sun 20 October, 2019 Tim Bond

Exploring Worship

Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is, and what He has done; expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live.
–Louie Giglio

In this four week series, we explore the power of the gathered worship experience – including why we worship, how we worship, and what happens when we worship.

Reasons to Worship
Sun 14 July, 2019 Phil Le Cheminant
Experiences in Worship
Sun 21 July, 2019 Rachel Clarke, Marie Vibert, Norman Ziruma, Jez Field, Aimee Bond, Merry Bond
The Power of Worship
Sun 28 July, 2019 Jon Jefferson
The Mechanics of Worship
Sun 4 August, 2019 Phil Le Cheminant

My Precious

The things we cling to most in life can become the root cause of our own demise. But the kingdom is full of principles that teach us that as we release “our precious”, its potential multiplies.

My Precious – week 1
Sun 17 March, 2019 Tim Bond
My Precious – week 2
Sun 24 March, 2019 Phil Le Cheminant

Let's Talk

This series is an encouragement to realise that prayer is not about duty but about developing a relationship. As we develop this relationship with God all things become possible.

Prayer Is About Relationship
Sun 17 February, 2019 Helen Oliver
Prayer Is About Building Kingdom
Sun 24 February, 2019 Andrew De Gruchy
Prayer is About Community Transformation
Sun 3 March, 2019 Kevin Houiellebecq

Vision 2019

The Ability To See
Sun 13 January, 2019 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 20 January, 2019 Tim Bond
Fulfilling God's Vision
Sun 27 January, 2019 John Stewart-Jones

Thank You

Thank You
Sun 9 December, 2018 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 23 December, 2018 Tim Bond
Sun 30 December, 2018 John Stewart-Jones, Jenn Stewart-Jones

Body Beautiful

The Bible describes the church as a body that is joined and unified and working together to do the things that Jesus has called us to do. The head of the body is Jesus and he is the brains of the operation. How can we as a church begin to fulfil God’s vision for a church that is body beautiful?

Every Part Plays a Part
Sun 9 September, 2018 Ian Whillans
The Headship of Jesus
Sun 16 September, 2018 Tim Bond
Unity – an Experience to Behold
Sun 23 September, 2018 Andrew De Gruchy
The Power of Love
Sun 30 September, 2018 Tim Bond


Sun 20 May, 2018 Nigel Strachan
Crossing The River
Sun 10 June, 2018 Nigel Strachan
Keep Going
Sun 24 June, 2018 Nigel Strachan

Reclaiming Territory

Reclaiming territory
Sun 6 May, 2018 Tim Bond
Reclaiming territory – part 2
Sun 13 May, 2018 Tim Bond

Revelation of Jesus

The Coming King
Sun 25 March, 2018 John Stewart-Jones
The Risen King
Sun 1 April, 2018 John Stewart-Jones
The Ascended King
Sun 22 April, 2018 John Stewart-Jones

The Beating Heart

The Beating Heart - week 1
Sun 18 February, 2018 Andrew De Gruchy
The Beating Heart - week 2
Sun 25 February, 2018 Tim Bond


Sun 6 August, 2017 John Stewart-Jones
Devoted part 2
Sun 27 August, 2017 John Stewart-Jones
Devoted to Fellowship
Sun 10 September, 2017 John Stewart-Jones


Sun 23 April, 2017 John Stewart-Jones
Continuous Revival
Sun 30 April, 2017 John Stewart-Jones
Preparing for Revival
Sun 21 May, 2017 Mark Iles
Relationships and Revival
Sun 28 May, 2017 Phil Le Cheminant
Floods of Fire
Sun 4 June, 2017 Tim Bond


Jesus the Cornerstone
Sun 26 March, 2017 Andrew De Gruchy
Sun 2 April, 2017 Tim Bond
Built Together
Sun 9 April, 2017 Nigel Strachan


Reboot Me
Sun 4 December, 2016 Tim Bond
Reboot Listen
Sun 1 January, 2017 Tim Bond
Reboot Us
Sun 8 January, 2017 Sarah Hawthorn­thwaite
Reboot The World
Sun 15 January, 2017 Nigel Strachan
Reboot Testimonies
Sun 22 January, 2017 Tim Bond

God's Sat Nav

God's Sat Nav part 1
Sun 7 August, 2016 Adam Clarke
God's Sat Nav part 2
Sun 13 November, 2016 Adam Clarke

Spurring One Another On

Spurring One Another On part 1
Sun 23 October, 2016 John Stewart-Jones
Spurring One Another On part 2
Sun 30 October, 2016 John Stewart-Jones

Red Bucket Theology

Red Bucket Theology
Sun 1 May, 2016 Tim Bond
Freely Receive, Freely Give
Sun 8 May, 2016 John Stewart-Jones
Reaching up and reaching out
Sun 15 May, 2016 Sarah Hawthorn­thwaite, John Stewart-Jones
Living Faith
Sun 22 May, 2016 Nigel Strachan


Listen: The Good News
Sun 24 January, 2016 Tim Bond
Listening to God
Sun 31 January, 2016 Mark Iles
Listening to God - part 3
Sun 7 February, 2016 Nigel Strachan

[email protected]

[email protected]: Be Captivated, Be a Disciple
Sun 8 March, 2015 Tim Bond
[email protected] Work
Sun 22 March, 2015 Andrew De Gruchy
[email protected]: Intentional Connection - Part 1
Sun 24 May, 2015 Tim Bond
[email protected]: Intentional Connection - Part 2
Sun 31 May, 2015 John Stewart-Jones
[email protected]: Intentional Growth
Sun 7 June, 2015 Tim Bond
[email protected]: Intentional Service
Sun 14 June, 2015 Tim Bond
[email protected] Relationships: Church
Sun 18 October, 2015 Tim Bond
[email protected] Relationships: Marriage
Sun 25 October, 2015 John Stewart-Jones, Jenn Stewart-Jones
[email protected] - Friendship
Sun 15 November, 2015 John Stewart-Jones


Sun 18 May, 2014 Tim Bond, Jon Jefferson
Worship: There must be more
Sun 25 May, 2014 Phil Le Cheminant
Worship: Going there in Worship
Sun 1 June, 2014 Tim Bond