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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
12/08/2018 Experiencing the Presence of God John Stewart-Jones
05/08/2018 The Power Tim Bond
29/07/2018 Hope Debbie Jones
22/07/2018 Half Time Team Talk Adam Clarke
15/07/2018 Trusting God Martyn Dunsford
08/07/2018 Knowing The Presence Of God John Stewart-Jones
01/07/2018 The Purpose of God's Presence Mark Iles
24/06/2018 Joshua Keep Going Nigel Strachan
17/06/2018 Love One Another Ian Whillans
10/06/2018 Joshua Crossing The River Nigel Strachan
03/06/2018 Reclaiming Fruitfulness Matt Edmundson
27/05/2018 Sheepish Shepherds Tim Bond
20/05/2018 Joshua Territory Nigel Strachan
13/05/2018 Reclaiming Territory Reclaiming territory – part 2 Tim Bond
06/05/2018 Reclaiming Territory Reclaiming territory Tim Bond
29/04/2018 The gospel is winsome; is yours? Andrew De Gruchy
22/04/2018 Revelation of Jesus The Ascended King John Stewart-Jones
15/04/2018 Humbled in God's Humility Nigel Strachan
08/04/2018 Growing Up, or Growing Old Adam Clarke
01/04/2018 Revelation of Jesus The Risen King John Stewart-Jones
25/03/2018 Revelation of Jesus The Coming King John Stewart-Jones
18/03/2018 Redefining Greatness Tim Bond
11/03/2018 Positioned and participating in the promise Andrew De Gruchy
04/03/2018 Following Jesus and participation in the Kingdom Lucy Peppiatt
25/02/2018 The Beating Heart The Beating Heart - week 2 Tim Bond
18/02/2018 The Beating Heart The Beating Heart - week 1 Andrew De Gruchy
11/02/2018 Fix your thoughts on Jesus John Stewart-Jones
04/02/2018 Kingdom Connection Tim Bond
28/01/2018 How's your breath? Nigel Strachan
21/01/2018 Jesus the Pioneer and Perfecter of Faith John Stewart-Jones
14/01/2018 Shake the nations John Rajiah
07/01/2018 Finding your fit Andrew De Gruchy
31/12/2017 Good news is always good news Nigel Strachan
24/12/2017 Immanuel - God with us John Stewart-Jones
17/12/2017 Love Is Enough Tim Bond
26/11/2017 Exciting news Tim Bond
Andrew De Gruchy
John Stewart-Jones
19/11/2017 Good News! Nigel Strachan
12/11/2017 Supporting Others in Community Trevor Bond
05/11/2017 Jesus asks: What do you want me to do for you? Paul Woolley
29/10/2017 Living in the Now Tim Bond
22/10/2017 Compassion is our Motivation John Stewart-Jones
15/10/2017 Captive Freedom Nigel Strachan
08/10/2017 Love is Enough Tim Bond
01/10/2017 Jesus Is Enough Andrew De Gruchy
24/09/2017 The Joy-Filled Life Nic Harding
17/09/2017 When Poverty Collides with Compassion Andrew De Gruchy
10/09/2017 Devoted Devoted to Fellowship John Stewart-Jones
03/09/2017 Surrender Tim Bond
Darren Kilford
27/08/2017 Devoted Devoted part 2 John Stewart-Jones
20/08/2017 Knowing Me, Knowing You Adam Clarke