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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
18/07/2021 How can I How can I live blessed? Tim Bond
11/07/2021 How can I How can I...? Tim Bond
04/07/2021 Called and Anointed Ian Whillans
27/06/2021 Living In Our Calling Ian Whillans
20/06/2021 What a friend Andrew De Gruchy
13/06/2021 Acts 16 - Spirit life Tim Bond
06/06/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Holy Tim Bond
30/05/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Clay Debbie Jones
23/05/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Sent Andrew De Gruchy
16/05/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Chosen Nigel Strachan
09/05/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Forgiven Adam Clarke
02/05/2021 Twelve Stones We Are Children Tim Bond
25/04/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Grace Nigel Strachan
18/04/2021 Honouring Merry Bond Tim Bond
Merry Bond
11/04/2021 Twelve Stones God is Love John Stewart-Jones
04/04/2021 Easter Sunday 2021 Andrew De Gruchy
28/03/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Omnipotent Ian Whillans
21/03/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Compassionate Phil Le Cheminant
14/03/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Creator Debbie Jones
07/03/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Holy Tim Bond
28/02/2021 Twelve Stones God Is Truth Tim Bond
21/02/2021 Revelation: Seeing and Responding John Stewart-Jones
14/02/2021 Revelation: Seeing and Believing John Stewart-Jones
07/02/2021 Stepping Beyond The Line Henry Baye
31/01/2021 The Cloak Debbie Jones
24/01/2021 Out From Your Comfort Zone Takes One Faith Step Stepping Out Of The Boat Andrew De Gruchy
17/01/2021 Out From Your Comfort Zone Takes One Faith Step God's Irrevocable Call Ian Whillans
10/01/2021 Out From Your Comfort Zone Takes One Faith Step Out From Your Comfort Zone Takes One Faith Step Andrew De Gruchy
03/01/2021 God's Dreams In Your Heart Joakim Lundqvist
27/12/2020 All I Want For Christmas Is... Hope Kirsty De La Haye
20/12/2020 All I Want For Christmas Is... Peace Adam Clarke
13/12/2020 All I Want For Christmas Is... Joy Andrew De Gruchy
06/12/2020 All I Want For Christmas Is... Love Nigel Strachan
29/11/2020 Establishing the Fire Ian Whillans
22/11/2020 Feeding the Fire Andrew De Gruchy
15/11/2020 Passion Flows From Compassion John Stewart-Jones
08/11/2020 Increasing Your Spiritual Passion John Stewart-Jones
01/11/2020 Home Loving Your Neighbours Adam Clarke
25/10/2020 Home Home Investment Andrew De Gruchy
18/10/2020 Home Nurture Nigel Strachan
11/10/2020 Home What Is Our Fragrance? Ian Whillans
04/10/2020 Home Participation Andrew De Gruchy
27/09/2020 Home Building a House, Making it Home Andrew De Gruchy
20/09/2020 The Unexpected Debbie Jones
13/09/2020 Serving Jesus Ian Whillans
06/09/2020 Acts 2:42–47 The Power of the Gospel Ian Whillans
30/08/2020 Acts 2:42–47 The Power of Prayer Nigel Strachan
23/08/2020 Acts 2:42–47 Breaking of Bread John Stewart-Jones
16/08/2020 Acts 2:42–47 Fellowship Adam Clarke
09/08/2020 Acts 2:42–47 They Devoted Themselves Andrew De Gruchy