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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
14/08/2022 Reimagining Church Exploring Devotion: Prayer Debbie Jones
07/08/2022 Reimagining Church Exploring Devotion: The Apostle's Teaching Henry Baye
31/07/2022 Reimagining Church Marked by Unity Tim Bond
24/07/2022 Reimagining Church Marked by Love Tim Bond
17/07/2022 Reimagining Church Marked by Hope Tim Bond
10/07/2022 Reimagining Church What’s behind the scaffolding? Ben Bluemel
03/07/2022 Reimagining Church Vision Sunday Tim Bond
Ben Bluemel
26/06/2022 A Summer of Joy Ben Bluemel
19/06/2022 Who's carrying your shopping? Debbie Jones
12/06/2022 But God's Still Working! Andrew De Gruchy
05/06/2022 Birthed Kirsty De La Haye
29/05/2022 Loaves and Fishes Super-Stuff Ben Bluemel
22/05/2022 Loaves and Fishes Participation Tim Bond
Phil Le Cheminant
Kirsty De La Haye
Ben Bluemel
15/05/2022 Loaves and Fishes The Wriggle Tim Bond
08/05/2022 One Day at a Time Ben Bluemel
01/05/2022 What's New? Henry Baye
24/04/2022 Journeys Nigel Strachan
17/04/2022 Easter Sunday: A Moment of Realisation Ben Bluemel
15/04/2022 Good Friday: The Beautiful Cross Tim Bond
10/04/2022 Unanswered Prayer When Every Prayer is Answered Phil Le Cheminant
03/04/2022 Unanswered Prayer Where is God When Heaven Is Silent John Stewart-Jones
27/03/2022 Unanswered Prayer Why aren’t my prayers answered? Adam Clarke
20/03/2022 Unanswered Prayer How Am I Going To Get Through This? Debbie Jones
13/03/2022 Unanswered Prayer Engaging the Questions Kirsty De La Haye
06/03/2022 In the fight Tim Bond
27/02/2022 Established Nigel Strachan
20/02/2022 A Bottle of Fragrance Henry Baye
13/02/2022 Self Control: Exercise It Andrew De Gruchy
06/02/2022 Focus Prayer Ministry Tim Bond
30/01/2022 Announcements Tim Bond
Phil Le Cheminant
Andrew De Gruchy
Stuart Stables
23/01/2022 Focus Intercession Ben Bluemel
16/01/2022 Focus Finding our way Mark Iles
09/01/2022 Focus How Do I Focus Tim Bond
02/01/2022 Step into 2022 Debbie Jones
Henry Baye
25/12/2021 Christmas Day 2021 Andrew De Gruchy
19/12/2021 The Light Has Come The Light Has Come part 2 Tim Bond
12/12/2021 The Light Has Come The Light Has Come part 1 Tim Bond
05/12/2021 Reclaiming Advent Kirsty De La Haye
28/11/2021 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Impartation John Stewart-Jones
21/11/2021 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Instances John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
14/11/2021 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Impact John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
07/11/2021 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Identity John Stewart-Jones
Jenn Stewart-Jones
31/10/2021 Climate Change - Where Do I Start? Kirsty De La Haye
24/10/2021 How Long Lord? Andrew De Gruchy
17/10/2021 Compassion Celebration Mike Robins
10/10/2021 Breathe Breathe week two Tim Bond
03/10/2021 Breathe Breathe week one Tim Bond
26/09/2021 Freedom Live Andrew De Gruchy
19/09/2021 Just one Ian Whillans
12/09/2021 How can I How can I be perfect? Phil Le Cheminant