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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
24/09/2017 The Joy-Filled Life Nic Harding
17/09/2017 When Poverty Collides with Compassion Andrew De Gruchy
10/09/2017 Devoted Devoted to Fellowship John Stewart-Jones
03/09/2017 Surrender Tim Bond
Darren Kilford
27/08/2017 Devoted Devoted part 2 John Stewart-Jones
20/08/2017 Knowing Me, Knowing You Adam Clarke
13/08/2017 Breaking of Bread John Stewart-Jones
06/08/2017 Devoted Devoted John Stewart-Jones
30/07/2017 Hooked Tim Bond
16/07/2017 A Soft Heart for People Martyn Dunsford
09/07/2017 How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit John Stewart-Jones
02/07/2017 But Wait Nigel Strachan
25/06/2017 Deprivatising Your Faith Matt Bird
18/06/2017 Willingness to Make a Difference Andrew De Gruchy
11/06/2017 The Devil Richard Beck
04/06/2017 Revival Floods of Fire Tim Bond
28/05/2017 Revival Relationships and Revival Phil Le Cheminant
21/05/2017 Revival Preparing for Revival Mark Iles
14/05/2017 More than Conquerors Nigel Strachan
07/05/2017 Fighting for our Families Andrew De Gruchy
30/04/2017 Revival Continuous Revival John Stewart-Jones
23/04/2017 Revival Revival John Stewart-Jones
16/04/2017 Signs and Wonders Tim Bond
09/04/2017 Cornerstone Built Together Nigel Strachan
02/04/2017 Cornerstone Foundations Tim Bond
26/03/2017 Cornerstone Jesus the Cornerstone Andrew De Gruchy
19/03/2017 Faith is the Key Mark Iles
12/03/2017 Slave to Fear Tim Bond
05/03/2017 Pray in the Spirit John Stewart-Jones
26/02/2017 Have Faith in God John Rajiah
19/02/2017 The Spiritual Battle & Gifts Of The Holy Spirit John Stewart-Jones
12/02/2017 God's Role, Our Role in Mission Nick Ferraby
05/02/2017 Keep Our Eyes on the Harvest Andrew De Gruchy
29/01/2017 When All Hell Breaks Loose Nic Harding
22/01/2017 Reboot Reboot Testimonies Tim Bond
15/01/2017 Reboot Reboot The World Nigel Strachan
01/01/2017 Reboot Reboot Listen Tim Bond
25/12/2016 Christmas Day 2016 Andrew De Gruchy
18/12/2016 Great Expectations Nigel Strachan
04/12/2016 Reboot Reboot Me Tim Bond
27/11/2016 Leaving a Legacy Andrew De Gruchy
Di Wheeler
Naomi De Gruchy
13/11/2016 God's Sat Nav God's Sat Nav part 2 Adam Clarke
23/10/2016 Spurring One Another On Spurring One Another On part 1 John Stewart-Jones
25/09/2016 Make Room For The Master Luke Brendling
07/08/2016 God's Sat Nav God's Sat Nav part 1 Adam Clarke
30/10/2016 Spurring One Another On Spurring One Another On part 2 John Stewart-Jones
03/01/2016 God's Not Fair Andrew De Gruchy
10/01/2016 Listen to God Nigel Strachan
17/01/2016 Go Back and Try Again John Rajiah
24/01/2016 Listen Listen: The Good News Tim Bond