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Recording Date Series Title Speaker
12/05/2019 10th Anniversary Team Talk John Stewart-Jones
20/02/2022 A Bottle of Fragrance Henry Baye
06/10/2019 Ancient Roots A Church of Courage Tim Bond
06/09/2015 A Closer Walk Andrew De Gruchy
08/09/2019 A Game of Two Halves Mark Iles
11/08/2019 A Life of Encounter John Stewart-Jones
16/07/2017 A Soft Heart for People Martyn Dunsford
26/06/2022 A Summer of Joy Ben Bluemel
13/06/2021 Acts 16 - Spirit life Tim Bond
16/02/2020 Prayer is Air Adoration Tim Bond
06/12/2015 African Sunday Andrew De Gruchy
15/06/2014 African Sunday Nigel Strachan
12/07/2015 African Sunday John Stewart-Jones
02/12/2018 African Sunday Testimonies Andrew De Gruchy
25/11/2018 Ancient Roots Almighty Father Tim Bond
Jonathan Speck
16/02/2014 An Awkward Dinner Party Nigel Strachan
30/01/2022 Announcements Tim Bond
Phil Le Cheminant
Andrew De Gruchy
Stuart Stables
09/03/2014 Baptism – Have you Decided? John Stewart-Jones
18/09/2016 Battles We Face Nigel Strachan
21/10/2018 Be The Hands and The Feet Tim Robertson
09/02/2014 Because You're Worth It John Stewart-Jones
21/08/2016 Being confident of God's faithfulness John Stewart-Jones
31/07/2016 Being confident of this John Stewart-Jones
13/04/2014 Being Resolved - The Decision Takes Resolution John Stewart-Jones
05/06/2022 Birthed Kirsty De La Haye
13/03/2016 Born to Make a Difference Andrew De Gruchy
13/09/2015 Bounty Hunters Bob Ekblad
06/07/2014 Breaking Bread Tim Bond
13/08/2017 Breaking of Bread John Stewart-Jones
23/08/2020 Acts 2:42–47 Breaking of Bread John Stewart-Jones
03/10/2021 Breathe Breathe week one Tim Bond
10/10/2021 Breathe Breathe week two Tim Bond
24/04/2016 Broken Walls, Broken Heart Nigel Strachan
27/09/2020 Home Building a House, Making it Home Andrew De Gruchy
09/04/2017 Cornerstone Built Together Nigel Strachan
12/06/2022 But God's Still Working! Andrew De Gruchy
02/07/2017 But Wait Nigel Strachan
04/07/2021 Called and Anointed Ian Whillans
23/11/2014 Called to Discipleship and being with Jesus John Stewart-Jones
15/10/2017 Captive Freedom Nigel Strachan
29/05/2016 Characteristics of a New Testament Church John Stewart-Jones
03/11/2019 Choose Joy Andrew De Gruchy
05/10/2014 Chosen in Christ John Stewart-Jones
25/12/2016 Christmas Day 2016 Andrew De Gruchy
25/12/2021 Christmas Day 2021 Andrew De Gruchy
31/10/2021 Climate Change - Where Do I Start? Kirsty De La Haye
11/10/2015 Communicating Christ Bob Key
11/09/2016 Compassion Can Change the World of One Child Andrew De Gruchy
17/10/2021 Compassion Celebration Mike Robins
22/10/2017 Compassion is our Motivation John Stewart-Jones