home appeal

We have a vision to be a worshipping community in the heart of St Helier responding to God’s call to love and serve each other.

We believe that the Freedom Centre is integral to how we will partner with God in loving our neighbour. Home is such a powerful word. A place to call our own, where we are nurtured and loved. We believe that together we can see it, build it and share it with Jersey. We invite you to join our home investment and hope you are inspired to be a part of the miracle that will be Freedom Centre.

The Freedom Centre was purchased in 2012. Since that time we have carried out some major works including the refurbishment of the foyer and auditorium 3, installed a commercial kitchen, fitted out a new office space, had a complete roof replacement and overseen the removal of asbestos throughout the building – a huge task, which saw over 180 tonnes of scaffolding erected within the building.

Over the next 5 years, we will focus on Phase 3 of the development plan and reducing our outstanding loans. Together we want to raise a minimum of £140k per year for the next five years, aiming at a total of £700k by October 2025.

Why £700K?

We need to continue to meet repayments on our existing loans and raise funds towards Phase 3.

What is Phase 3?

Our focus will be on remodelling the old Auditorium 4, to create amazing new spaces for our growing children’s work, a relaxing café and a soft play area. We will also refurbish the first-floor foyer, create a youth room and a prayer room, as we build a house and make it home.


We see this Home investment as the major way of reaching our target and invite you to prayerfully consider how we will partner together in this. We will continue to hold regular gift days but believe that if we can all play our part and commit financially on a monthly basis, we will see the fruit of our standing together.

We’d like you to consider what you could give. As you can see from the examples in this table, no matter the size of the gift it will all help us reach the target.

Individual monthly gift Total gift over a year Number of donors Raised per year Raised in 5 years
£25 £300 20 £6,000 £30,000
£50 £600 25 £15,000 £75,000
£100 £1,200 25 £30,000 £150,000
£200 £2,400 20 £48,000 £240,000
£500 £6,000 2 £12,000 £60,000
£1,000 £12,000 1 £12,000 £60,000
£2,000 £24,000 1 £24,000 £120,000
    94 £147,000 £735,000

If on average each adult at Freedom committed to invest £1,000 per year then we would raise in excess of £275,000 per annum. You can see how stepping into the miracle is so possible.

Due to our charitable status, we are able to claim 25% tax back from the Jersey Government on lump-sum gifts of over £50.

How to give

home-appeal-thumb.jpg Standing Order Form

To make a regular gift towards our Home Appeal, please download and return your completed standing order form to the church office, or set up the payment on your online banking using the following bank details:

Freedom Church Jersey Ltd
Account number: 63838455
Sort Code: 40-25-34 (HSBC)