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The tech team is responsible for the technical production of Sunday services, mid-week meetings and special events. We are blessed to have great resources to use in lighting, video and sound, all of which add to the overall impact. There are a wide range of roles within this, each contributing to the smooth running of the services and encompassing a range of skills and interests. The amount you’ll be asked to serve depends on the size of teams and the events taking place but we’re happy to be flexible and want team members to enjoy serving whether it’s most weeks or once a month. The timings for when you’ll need to attend also depend on your role and the type of event.

For every role, you’ll be in contact with the team leader and given opportunities for training and observing so that you feel as confident as possible. If you’d like to get involved in any area or find out more, please contact Phil.


Our sound engineers mix the audio for the worship band, any videos and those leading or speaking in the meeting. All very important so we can hear what is happening! This role does take a musical ear to balance the mix and some general technical ability but you can receive training in operating the sound desk. Sound engineers come to Friday evening practices from 6.30pm until 9.30pm to help set everything up, line check and mix during the practice. On a Sunday, you’ll arrive at around 8.30am for the practice and will engineer during the service. You’ll then help pack away afterwards.

Stage Management

Our stage managers help to keep things organised from the front of the meeting and ensure that everyone on stage knows what is happening. They help speakers with microphones, move equipment on stage if necessary and keep in contact with the Technical Producer to help keep everything on track. This is a great role for team players with good organisational skills. It’s great if stage managers can come to Friday practices but they are only expected to come for main meetings and asked to arrive by 10am so that they can liaise with the rest of the tech team, the speaker and MC and make sure everything is ready.


Our AV team are responsible for the projection of song lyrics, bible verses, any slides or videos used for notices or sermons and the camera feeds. The system and equipment we use is very user-friendly and can be easily learnt with a little practice. You’ll need to be fairly happy using a computer, organised and able to multi-task! AV team members are encouraged to come to Friday practices where possible to set up this equipment and to learn and programme in the flow of songs. On Sunday mornings, you’ll come from 9.00 am to set up if not done on Friday and to put in place all that is needed for the service.


Lighting makes a difference, drawing focus to the stage area, letting us see those who are speaking and creating an impact. It’s a creative expression as well as being functional and so really suits creative people with some technical interest. You can be shown how the system works and it’s worth observing our team members to see what’s possible and the thinking behind it. Lighting team members are welcome to attend a Friday practice and this can be a good time for you to consider colours to reflect themes of worship. On a Sunday, you’ll need to arrive by 9.00am to set up and have everything ready for the service.

Technical Production

The technical producer coordinates all of the tech team and liaises with the stage manager to keep everything on track. They also take responsibility for recording the audio of the sermon, displaying a timer and making sure the parents’ room has audio and visual feeds. Being organised and a clear communicator is really helpful for this role. Tech Producers come to the Sunday services by 9.00am and often help pack away at the end of the meeting.

Camera Operators

We have two cameras and our operators are responsible for making sure that anyone speaking to the church is in shot so that they are able to be seen clearly. As well as being projected onto screens in the main hall, our services are fed through to the Parents’ room and it’s so helpful for them to see what is happening. Any experience in operating video cameras is helpful but you can be shown how to operate the cameras we use. Our camera operators come to the Sunday services by 9.30am.