join a small group

It is so important to belong to a Small Group, such as a Life Group or Special Interest Group where you are able to experience love and support from other members of the Church.

We have a whole variety of midweek groups all with a different focus, style and timeframe. Some groups study the Bible, others meet to support and pray for one another and there are also groups that meet based on an interest or passion for an activity. There are groups that run weekly all through the year and some that only run for a specific number of weeks. It’s all an expression of church, where people meet and through relationships and the presence of God aim to know Christ more and make him known.

These groups help us to be ready, equipped to walk out a life with Christ in the situations we find ourselves in. Through embracing a range of styles, we hope to have an option that is relevant to everyone. Our church is a community and small groups are a great place to be relational, forming lasting relationships in which we can be real and honest with each other.

Please look through the groups listed here and contact the named group leader if you’d like any more information about the group and find out how to join in.

180+ Life Group Weekly on Wednesday
Trelease, La Dimerie, St Mary
Homegroup for 180+ peeps. Terrible photo of a very beardy David but we don't have many pics of us both together! The location on church suite isn't quite right. We are further down the road from this. Try this dropped pin instead!
Andrew & Serena and Hamish & Elk's Life Group Weekly on Wednesday
We are currently using Zoom to meet virtually and from time to time will try to meet with social distancing. We normally meet in the home of Hamish and Elk Hargreaves in St Ouen on Wednesday nights, mostly term time. New members are always welcome. We look forwarding to meeting together to...
Brian and Norman's Life Group Fortnightly on Wednesday
members homes on a rotational basis
Suitable for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the word and learn what the Bible says about Christian living in today's world.
David and Salana's Life Group Weekly on Monday
David and Salana's House
For Bible study, socials and prayer.
German & Milaneth's Life Group Fortnightly on Sunday
German & Milaneth's House
We meet at 2pm to 4pm fortnightly on Sundays. We discuss the word and share testimonies and finish it with a prayer. Then we have tea/coffee and light snacks and do fellowship at the end.
Kirsty and Adrian's Life Group Weekly on Wednesday
We meet together on a Wednesday evening for various styles of bible study and discussion, supporting and encouraging each other as we journey through life.
Susie & Rob and Tim & Tanya's Life Group Weekly on Thursday
R & S Les Buissonnetts, Rue de la Hougette, St Clement. T&T The Gables, Rue de Causie, St Clement
For fellowship, mutual support and getting to know the Lord better.
Tim & Merry's Life Group Weekly on Tuesday
Tim & Merry's house