The church is a group of people. A huge part of who we are is based on community. We believe that God made us for relationships and we function best when we’re together. We all have something to give, strengths that can bless others as well as ourselves and can help to build God’s kingdom.

Being connected to a church and to specific activities and groups is a great way to feel part of something and to grow relationships and faith. Working and journeying alongside others for a common goal and with similar interests makes a difference in our own lives as well as in others’. We’d really encourage you to join a small group and consider signing up to serve on one of our many teams.


We also make sure that everyone is kept up to date with what is going on through ChurchSuite. This gives updates of events coming up, church news and rotas for everyone who is on team. It’s a helpful way to get connected in to the life of the church digitally. To sign up, you’ll need to speak to the team on the Connect Point on a Sunday, or contact the office.