who we are

Freedom Church is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life who are coming to know Christ for themselves and working together to make him known.

We are a church community where people have a shared vision to make a difference, both locally and globally. Our desire is to be a church for this time, seeking to be relevant, real, relational and ready to pursue God’s purpose with relentless commitment.

As a thriving and active community, we recognise the importance of relationships and are eager to give people opportunities to connect. We’re excited about the opportunities presented by Freedom Centre, which will enable Freedom Church to further serve the community in the heart of St Helier.

In Depth: What we believe

Our story

Freedom Church was born out of the realisation that two vibrant and growing churches, Abundant Life Church and Jersey Community Church, had a shared vision of how the Church could serve the local community, and also reach them with the good news of God’s grace and love.

Both churches had large numbers of young families and children and a wide age range of members. Both believed they would better achieve their vision by sharing their combined resources, energy and expertise, so we celebrated the launch of Freedom Church on Liberation Weekend 2009.

It has been an exciting journey. We have laid firm foundations and established our goals for the years ahead. We’ve grown, seen lives changed and stayed passionately committed to our vision.

As a church, we have purchased Freedom Centre, the former Odeon cinema in St Helier, and continue to develop and use it as part of what we do to serve the community of Jersey.

Our vision

Our main mission is to know Christ and make him known. We believe that a relationship with Jesus is life-changing and that everyone should have the opportunity to come to know and experience his love and grace for themselves. We value the word of God and the presence of His Holy Spirit working in us.

Every person is important to God and to Freedom Church and we’re committed to seeing growth and positive change in individuals, the Church as a whole, our communities and the whole world.

We believe Freedom Church will:

  • be a large, growing church made up of smaller groups.
  • run an academy for training in biblical truth and life skills.
  • connect with people from all backgrounds and ages in a real and relevant way.
  • function from a large capacity central main building and several other related facilities.
  • have a major impact by serving the church, the local community and other nations.

We aim to be a Church that’s relevant, real, relational and ready to pursue God’s purpose with relentless commitment.


We are living out a life of worship, which is expressed as we gather together in a vibrant, exciting and relevant way. We aim to be relevant and culture forming, so that all areas we are involved in are transformed by Christian influence.


We are a Church with real people, living in a real world, dealing with real problems and understanding the reality of God’s grace and enabling.


We are relational and welcoming, providing a sense of belonging and care, where people are encouraged to grow. We love God and we love people and aim to serve others and share this love in practical ways. We relate to other Christian Churches in Jersey and elsewhere, in our shared common purpose of bringing in God’s Kingdom.


We are made up of people who are taught, encouraged, equipped and ready to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. We are responsive and eager to fulfil God’s call and purpose.


We are a Church made up of people changed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, with faith in God and a wholehearted and relentless commitment to Jesus Christ. We are persistent in praying to see God’s purposes fulfilled through His Church.