serving jersey

Each year, we support the brave walkers taking part in the Around the Island Walk by hosting a station and supplying refreshments, massage, a positive environment and as much encouragement as possible.

We’re passionate about our building, The Freedom Centre, becoming a centre that the community can call home and from which we reach out to meet the needs of the community around us, telling the story of God’s love and grace in practical ways. Find out more.

Revive Café is an exciting monthly venture. We are working with local suppliers and professional chefs to create restaurant-quality meals using, as much as possible, food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Read more.

There are loads of great organisations which we’re delighted to work with and support. Many members of our church help with various other organisations in Jersey.

Freedom for Life Ministries goes into prisons to bring life, hope and love to inmates. Alongside other organisations they also work with those leaving prison to help them find a new start in life with continued support, encouragement and practical assistance. To find out more, please speak to Kevin Houiellebecq or look at their website.

Some church members help with the valuable work of Jersey Women’s Refuge, providing safety, love, acceptance and practical support to our vulnerable women and children. Read more about their work online.

Inter-church groups such as Street Pastors, Grace Trust and Healing on the Streets are also supported by members of the church and provide help and assistance in the community, all with God’s love at the heart.