180° years 9–10

We’re aware that life is continually changing for our young people, and as they move into their teenage years they begin to face some big decisions and choices. Exams, subject choices, dating, peer pressure, parties… we want to support our young people through these challenging years.

We also believe that God has made each of us unique, and so we help our young people to discover the individual gifts that God has given them and we encourage them to get involved with church life.

Once a month our 180° youth join a church team of their choice to help make Sunday mornings happen. That could be helping in kids’ church, being on tech team or playing in our worship band. Each young person has a gift and plays an important role, and they are essential to the life of our church!

Our 180° team leaders are Jon & Alice Jefferson, and they do a great job of supporting our youth, and ensure that they continue to have fun, build friendships and stay connected in church.