freedom youth

Freedom Youth is for young people in Year 6 and above, up to the age of 18.

We have three youth groups, Evolve, 180° and 180°+ who meet up on Sunday and Thursday nights for a whole variety of activities. We aim to equip them for the challenges they’re facing and help them to grow into the awesome young adults that they’re becoming.


At the moment, we usually meet from 6-8pm, sometimes at Freedom Centre, sometimes at someone's home, we meet for games, activities, teaching and prayer.


On Thursday nights from 6pm to 8pm, all our youth groups meet at Freedom Centre for more games, activities, worship and talks. We also organise different events including movie nights, bowling, beach BBQs, night hikes and sleep overs (COVID restrictions permitting of course).

If you’d like your child to be involved in Freedom Youth, please contact the team leaders or email our church office.