freedom centre

In January 2012 we bought the Odeon Cinema in Jersey which we have renamed Freedom Centre. It was an amazing opportunity to purchase such a large building in the very heart of St Helier and we’re excited about being able to use this building to help us interact with the community.

We have great plans for the Centre and are in our first phase of refurbishing the ground floor area. We’ve completed some aspects including an auditorium, kitchen, servery and the foyer area all of which we’re already using. It gives us a great opportunity to reach out and support the youth of St. Helier as well as many other ways of connecting with the wider community.

The creative team focussed on reusing elements from the cinema and other areas, giving them a new lease of life. To hear more about our vision for Freedom Centre, we’d love you to watch this video.

The purchase of Freedom Centre was possible because of the generosity of members of Freedom Church who continue to help us meet outstanding payments on a quarterly basis through special offerings. We are also really grateful for the help from other philanthropic individuals and groups that have contributed financially.