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History and Formation

Freedom Church Jersey was formed by the merger of Jersey Community Church and Abundant Life Church in 2009.

Freedom Church was born out of the realisation that Abundant Life Church Jersey and Jersey Community Church shared a passionate common vision for how the local church could serve the community in Jersey whilst also reaching them with the good news of God's grace.

As two vibrant and growing churches with large numbers of young families and children and a wide age range of members, we believed that we would be able to achieve so much more by sharing our combined resources, energy and expertise by coming together as one.

We celebrated the launch of Freedom Church on 8th May 2009.  Our first 18 months as Freedom Church has been an exciting journey; we have been very busy laying firm foundations and unfolding our vision and goals for the years ahead. Our desire is to be 'a Church for this time' as we seek to be relevant, real, relational and ready to pursue God's purpose with relentless commitment.

As God promises 'He can do immeasurably more than more than we ask or imagine'. With this knowledge we're expectant and excited about the next phase of our journey as we seek to serve God and our island community.

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